Calcium Calculator

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Calcium Calculator

Hello! If you have clicked on the calcium calculator, could it mean that you are wondering if you get enough calcium for your body?

What is the calcium calculator?

The calcium calculator mathematically works out the amount of calcium in the foods that you ate. It’s that clever that it will tell you if you have had enough calcium!

Calcium is an important mineral that helps your body build stronger bones for longer. Use the Calcium Calculator below to see if you ate enough Calcium rich foods.

: 229 mg Calcium
Oh dear, from what the calcium calculator calculated, it seems as though you need to eat more calcium-rich foods.
Try to include dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt or maas to get your 3-A-DAY™ dairy!
Portion Size: 60 g Portion Size: 250 ml
Portion Size: 135 g Portion Size: 40 g
Portion Size: 75 g Portion Size: 200 ml
Portion Size: 75 g Portion Size: 200 ml

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