Dairy Gives You Go

Did You Know Dairy Facts?

Meet Dusty, an animated version of the television character from the Consumer Education Project of Milk SA. Take the journey with him as he walks you through four themes i.e. Sport, Everyday, Strength and Beach body. Whether you are into sports, muscle building, looking for a slim and trim figure or just want to know more about dairy, dairygivesyougo.co.za has all the information you need.

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This website graphically shows you how to make dairy part of your daily meals, in whatever you do. Here, we take dairy out of the kitchen and show you where else it can be used to your benefit and let’s admit, dairy tastes great too!

For the sporty ones, there is a nifty carbohydrate and protein calculator showing you exactly how much of each you should eat while training. There are also nifty tricks to show you how you can include dairy in a fun and novel way. Calculate your BMI to see how healthy your weight is and find the advice needed to get you back in shape.

Dairy gives teens the necessary go with whatever they need done. Watch our TV ad “Hammock”

Dairy gives teens the necessary go. Watch our TV ad “Ball”

Dairy most definitely gives you go. Watch our TV ad “Pool”

Meet Loretta Rush,  aptly named the South African girl that stampedes the catwalk

Meet Dusty Maloi, the guy who can’t stand still, he is just READY TO GO . . .

Look at this KRAZY guy STIX and all the tricks he get up to WOW!

P.S. Get your teacher, mom or dad to download the cool educational stuff on how everyone can eat healthy and balanced, everyday!