From the farm to the fridge

From the farm to the fridge is a poster that has been developed in support of the school curriculum for grade 1- 3, to teach learners about the food path to produce milk and other dairy products.

Milk is a popular food item worldwide and contains a variety of important nutrients. Through the centuries humans have learnt to use milk to make many different food products, for example maas, yoghurt and cheese.

Milk comes from cows. Cows, like all mammals, produce milk to feed their young. A dairy cow gives birth to one calf a year and produces milk for about ten months afterwards, provided she is milked regularly.

Commercial dairy farms in South Africa are found in areas with a high rainfall, plenty of water and green grass. Milk is transported in tankers from the farms to dairies where it is pasteurised, packaged and then transported to shops. Commercial dairy farmers sell their milk to milk processors or other factories, who, in turn, sell the processed dairy products to shops where consumers can buy it.

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