Have milk, maas or yoghurt every day

The foods in this group contain nutrients needed for strong bones and teeth. They also have many other health benefits, such as providing protein, water and vitamins. They are tasty, versatile and readily available.

To meet your daily calcium needs for strong bones and teeth, it is recommended to have three servings of dairy each day.

Dairy is a source of calcium. Calcium is a mineral that the body obtains from food and uses for body functioning. Calcium is an important part of the building material for bones and teeth. This is especially important for children and adolescents, as they are growing quickly. The strength of your bones as adults depends on them having enough calcium during your teen years.

Guidelines for including milk, maas or yoghurt into your diet:

  • Have three servings of dairy every day. A cup of milk, yoghurt or maas is regarded as one serving
  • Have dairy with a meal or as a snack choice between meals
  • Milk is a useful drink to have after you have competed in a sports event or just after a training session at school

Easy tips

  • It is best to use milk with porridge at breakfast
  • A glass of milk can be a refreshing drink
  • Maas or plain yoghurt can be added to soups
  • Yoghurt or drinking yoghurt is the perfect snack for the lunch box

It is incorrect to think that coffee creamers and tea whiteners can be used instead of milk. These products do not contain any beneficial nutrients; they consist mainly of plant fats.

Remember the other guidelines for healthy eating (vegetables and fruit, starch, fish, chicken, lean meat or eggs, dry beans, split peas and lentils, water, fats).