Vegetables and Fruit

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruit every day

Vegetables and fruit are important for everyone and should make up the second largest part of your total daily food intake. You should have at least one serving each day of the following: a yellow, orange, red or dark green vegetable or a yellow fruit.

Choose vegetables and fruit that are in season as they are more affordable and taste better. Some vegetables can easily be grown in the garden or in containers.

Pure fruit juice is made from fruit but is also expensive. Rather drink water and use the money to buy fresh vegetables and fruit.

Guidelines for including vegetables and fruit in your diet

  • You need to eat vegetables and fruit every day
  • Try eating vegetables at two meals a day, else have larger servings
  • Fruit can be eaten with meals, or as a snack

TIPS and ideas for Vegetables and Fruit

  • Include fruit in the lunch box to be eaten at first or second break at school
  • Eat salad at lunch time
  • Eat cooked vegetables with the family meal in the evening
  • Cut fresh fruit into your yoghurt for breakfast or as a snack
  • Always add lettuce, tomato and or cucumber to your cheese or ham sandwich

Remember the other guidelines for healthy eating (dairy, starch, fish, chicken, lean meat or eggs, dry beans, split peas and lentils, water, fats).