Teacher’s Resources

The Consumer Education Project of Milk SA has recently launched its Dairy School Campaign. It aims to educate and inform teachers, parents and scholars on the importance of dairy products and nutrition in general.

The aims of the school campaign:

Encourage positive choices and changes with regards to eating habits and exercise

Educate school learners on dairy products in the light of the accepted South African guidelines for health eating

This section of the website is to help you, by providing information and resources for you, to educate children about the role of dairy and nutrition in the diet.

As a part of the educational School Campaign, a teacher’s guide, including background information, classroom activities, posters with stick-ons and worksheets were developed. The teacher’s guide supplements the National School Curriculum and serves as additional aid for educators.

Please note the educational material was developed to supplement the National School Curriculum statement for use within the classroom. Specific lesson plans for certain grades have been developed, however, the learning content can be developed into lesson plans to comply with the outcomes of other grades.

We trust that you will find the content of value to you and that you will be able to make use of it. Please feel free to recommend your colleagues at other schools. Do not hesitate to contact us with general comments on the usefulness of the material, suggestions for improvement, ideas for further expansion or any other comment regarding the Dairy School Campaign.

We value your input and feedback!

Dairy School Campaign, P.O. Box 36332, Menlopark, Pretoria, 0102

Telephone: +27(0)12 991 4164, Fax: +27(0) 12 991 0878

E-mail : info@rediscoverdairy.co.za